My Reading Goal

My goal this school year is to read 30 books. That averages out to about 1 book a week. I will meet this goal by reading at least 60 minutes a day and choosing books that are the correct reading level for me and are of interest to me. I will also read a balance of fiction and non-fiction books.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Flying Solo

Flying Solo, by Ralph Fletcher, describes the adventures of a fifth grade class as they attempt to survive a day with no teacher and no substitute teacher.  They are literally "flying solo".  The story revolves around Rachel and how she is struggling with the death of a classmate, Tommy Feathers.  The day alone gives the kids a chance to assert their independence and demonstrate their ability to be responsible as well as a chance to heal.

This book has many great themes, but integrity has to be the strongest.  The kids have many opportunities to practice doing what they know is right.  They must manage their impulsivity and stay on task even though no adult is monitoring them.  I love the relationships that come out of this book.


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